Annual report

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Hear from our Lead Pastors Michael & Erica Yardley as they reflect on this year.


Every Number has a name

every name has a story

every story matters to God

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Tyresa Tunstall

Hi my name is Tyresa Tunstall and I've been attending The Rise Church from day one. The church has been a wonderful blessing to me, my children, and my niece. Before I started attending, I felt like my relationship with God was becoming more distant and  unfamiliar with the passing of time. I wanted to find a church that would help me regain that relationship with God and be a place for my children to build one with Him; we found that at The Rise.


Ever since we started attending, it's been a wonderful experience. I feel like my relationship with God is even stronger now than ever. I have even rededicated myself to the Lord by getting water baptized along with my child and family. The Word and knowledge that I gain from Sunday service and Bible study are changing our lives. It's such a blessing for me to have found such a great place to worship and be able to share with my friends and family. 


Michael Stuart

Before we started coming to The Rise we had been looking for a church family for a number of years. Each church we tried was good, but none of them felt like it was where the Holy Spirit was ultimately leading us. If I didn’t believe that God works in our lives for a purpose, then I would say that we accidentally ran into Erica that day when she invited us to the very first service of The Rise. But now, after having been a part of this church family for nearly half a year I can say with conviction that this is where He wants us to be.


The Rise has re-energized our relationship with Jesus Christ! Our son comes home singing songs about our Savior, and sharing the joy he is experiencing in learning more about Him. For us, the music that begins the service is uplifting and makes us think about what it means today, right now, to have Jesus our lives. The praise band truly is amazing! When you finally sit down to hear the message, you are eager to learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The pastors are excited about Jesus and the church. You can feel their energy as they deliver a heart-felt message that is immediately applicable to our lives. The people of the congregation are actively interested in getting to know each other and it feels so good to be a part of that. We leave the church wanting to learn more, wanting to serve more, wanting to spend more time with Jesus. On the drive home, and for the rest of the week, we find ourselves singing the songs, talking about God’s words and living more like He wants us to live. In short, we are blessed to be a part of this church family.

General Tithes and Offerings


Launch Fund


Heart For The House Offering




First Time Givers


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16 Public Services


Since our launch on 9/17/17, our church has gathered for 16 public services. Fun fact - some mornings have been so cold that our baby wipes and coffee creamers were frozen solid from sitting in the trailer all week!

41 Salvations

Salvation is not the end of the journey but we sure do get excited about it! We connect and place resources in each person’s hands who makes a step forward in faith.

14 Water Baptisms

13 of the water baptisms were planned. One of them happened in a spontaneous moment when someone in our church knew they had to make the next step in their faith. He got baptized in the clothes he came in and his grandfather, who serves each week, watched the whole thing.

131 Prayer Moments


Each week we pray publicly for prayer requests that come in during the morning. This is the number of times we have specifically prayed for a specific need in our congregation on a Sunday morning.

243 First Time Guests

Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday. We put our best forward each and every week, keeping in mind the importance of those first impressions.

65 Active Volunteers


Team work makes the dream work and we love our dream team! From the parking lot to the stage, we could not pull off a Sunday morning without this awesome team.

37 Active Group Members

Community happens in circles, not in rows. Each week we gather in venues across our area to laugh, pray, cry, discuss, and open our Bibles to dive deeper into our faith together.

107 Average Attendance 

1/3 of our church is under the age of 12. The church is alive and the future is bright.

6,102 Webpage Views

The front door of the church has become virtual. This statistic affects every other stat on this list.

503 Sermon Watches

From Virginia, to Australia, to Iraq, to China, and back to Hawaii, we are making an impact around the globe.

264 Servings of Goldfish Consumed

Kids like snacks and therefore, we feed them.

912 Cars Parked

Rain or shine, we have a team that engages people from the moment they drive onto the property. They are some of the heroes of the team.

1,121 Cups of Coffee Served

It is rumored that Pastor Michael is responsible for consuming over 1,000 of these cups.

3,072 Donut Holes Consumed

We love supporting local businesses and we love Country Style Donuts! Krispy Kreme has nothing on them.

319 Pens Stolen

We are watching you! In all sincerity, take as many as you want.

87 Trailer Tows


Our whole church weighs roughly 15,000 lbs and fits in one giant trailer. It takes a truck with special suspension to pull it.

1,470 Hours of Setup

We set up and tear down our church two, and sometimes three, times a week. It takes an army of volunteers.


Thanks for making

a difference.


The Best Is

Yet To Come!

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